May 15 Webinar - Choosing the Right Phone System

Just a quick shout-out about a webinar I'll be participating in next week. It's hosted by Ziff Davis B2B, and is sponsored by RingCentral, one of the leading cloud-based voice providers. I've worked with them before, and am looking forward to the next one, where the focus will be on choosing the right business phone system.

As you may suspect, there will be a strong element in support of cloud-based telephony, which is a big trend now, especially for SMBs. The webinar will also be a good opportunity to get up to speed on how the value proposition around telephony is rapidly changing. I'll be speaking to these trends, and am working on my presentation ideas now.

I hope you'll join us - it's next Tuesday, May 15 at 1pm ET/10am PT. Just takes a minute to register, and here's the form along with the webinar abstract.