The Future of Communications - UCS Podcast

I may be dating myself, but do you remember Alvin Toffler and Future Shock? It came out in 1970 was the first of its kind to talk about how the pace of change in today's world was disrupting our modern sense of individuality, family and society. It was right up there at the time with Kubrick's 2001 for making us think about how were evolving as a species.

Fast forward to the week before last, and Dave Michels did a great Q&A on No Jitter with futurist Thomas Frey. Dave's communications-focused questions and Thomas's thought-provoking comments prompted the UCStrategies team to weigh in on these issues on last week's podcast, hosted by Marty Parker. Very interesting stuff indeed, and we all had our own take on where Thomas's thoughts fall into the UC milieu.

I was particularly focused on how we manage all the information coming at us 24/7 and then trying to filter that into knowledge and things we can actually use. Alvin Toffler popularized the term "information overload", and if he thought it was a problem before we had PCs, mobile phones and the Internet, I'd love hear his take today. I'm of the mind that the Internet makes us stupid, but let's save that for another time. Otherwise, hop over to our portal, and give the podcast a listen, which was just posted following the long weekend layover.