Mobility and UC – the Power of Any Place, Any Time

If you've been following me closely, you'll know I've got some new writing gigs going. One of these is for the CIO Collaboration Network, which just got started. I'm writing two posts a month for them, with the first couple done now - here and here - along with one post that runs exclusively on their portal.

So, I'm posting here for two reasons. First is to let you know that my first post is running now on the portal, and second is to steer you there to become familiar with the community they're building now. It's pretty good, and colleague Dave Michels is the Community Manager, so we're in good company.

If you're not there yet, my post is about the value that UC brings to making mobility a rich enabler for collaboration. That's a lot of ideas is one space, so give my post a read to see how I pull them together.