Guest Post - the Changing Role of Telephony

From time to time I accept requests to write guest posts on various blogs and portals, with the most recent one being for Toshiba. They may not be a household name for business telecom systems in North America, but depending on whose numbers you follow, they're a top 5 market share vendor for IP phone systems. Being a $67 billion dollar global giant, they're pretty hard to pass by, and when they approached me for this, I was happy to oblige.

These days, every company is fighting for attention on the Web, and Toshiba Telecom has had a blog portal since January 2011. My post was published late yesterday, and being exclusive to their portal, you'll have to go there to read it - which I hope you do! It's about how I see the role of telephony changing, and what vendors need to do to keep their value proposition fresh.