G+ profile for JAA - and I'm not talking about Google!

For better or worse, there are two G+'s in town - at least in my world. Most of you know about Google Plus, which actually doesn't figure high on my radar. Closer to home is the G+ community portal recently launched by Gerson Lehrman Group.

I've been part of their expert network for many years, and I enjoy sharing my analysis with the financial community. To build on this, they recently launched the GLG GPlus portal, which is accessible to the public. I've just started supporting the portal by posting there and answering questions where I can add some insight. It's a great resource to tap into, and hopefully you'll take advantage.

To help familiarize readers with GLG's network of experts, each month they feature a few of them in their e-newsletter. The March issue just came out yesterday, and am happy to say I'm one of the featured experts. So, a simple shout-out for myself, but more importantly, you should check out - and follow G+. They do a great job vetting their experts, so you can be certain the quality will be better than your average portal.