Changing role of IT - UCStrategies podcast

It's been a challenging week to get blogging done, but I did want to share this week's UCStrategies podcast here. The topic was how the Millennial generation and BYOD are impacting the role of IT. There's a lot going on here, and I wanted to be sure you know about the podcast.

I didn't participate, but there are plenty of good insights here from folks who work closely with IT and have first hand knowledge about how these developments are playing out. Of course, there's a huge generational shift happening, and it's no different than the divide in telecom between legacy Bellheads and today's Internet-savvy engineers.

Many of these changes are coming faster than IT is able to react, so there's a Darwinian theme to all this, which can be pretty scary. So, if that's got you on the edge of your seat, then hop over to UCStrategies now. Michael Finneran is the host, and has also provided a transcript if you'd rather just read instead.