Top Tech Winners/Losers for the Last 25 Years - Cool!

Channel Partners magazine tapped me recently for my take on this very fun topic. Am not sure how many people they canvassed, but I was glad to be part of their information gathering. I really enjoyed doing this and just got the link today to their article.

25 years is a long time in the tech world, and there weren't too many surprises here. All the big names are there, but it was also nice to see some lesser known names in the win column, such as Paetec, as well as VoIP Inc. on the what-were-they-thinking side of the ledger.

Things change fast, though, in this world, and I suspect if they did their research a couple of months later, RIM just might have made the loser list. In defence of Canadian tech, I'm glad to say they're still with us, but 2012 sure looks like a make-or-break year for them.

Anyhow, I won't keep you in suspense much longer. Here's the link to the slideshow that summarizes their findings. You have to register on their site first, but that just takes a moment - really, that's all. If you're having trouble, or are just too bloody lazy, drop me a line and I can send you a soft copy. Either way, it's a good read, and I hope you check it out.