Is the Cloud Ready for You?

How's that for a twist? Everyone is talking about how ready, willing and able businesses are to move things out to the cloud, but is the cloud up for all this? My concern is that the hype cycle for cloud is a bit much, and maybe businesses need to think a bit harder about what they really should be entrusted to the ether.

It's a big topic for sure, and I wanted to share an article I wrote about this for Internet Telephony magazine. This was prepared under the UCStrategies umbrella, so my article has a strong focus on implications for UC.

If you get the print edition from TMCnet, you may have seen this already - it ran in the December issue. They post content online a bit later, and the article was just posted on their portal last night, so everyone else can read it now. So, here's the link, and I'd love to hear your thoughts - am sure this will continue being one of the big themes for 2012.