Next Stop - NYC and GENBAND

Thankfully, October was a stay-at-home month, and it's been great. Different story for November, with 3 vendor event trips in the U.S., plus a possible family visit to Boston for Thanksgiving. Ok, let's get going.

The travel starts with a short trip next Monday and Tuesday to NYC. It's for GENBAND's analyst event, called Perspective 2011. I don't get to NYC very often, but I sure love it there, and have lots of friends/family nearby, but will have practically nil time to see them. Next time.

Anyhow, am looking forward to catching up with GENBAND. They're pretty unique among the nextgen carrier vendors, and I'll have more to say about that during and after the event. During the event, you'll have to follow my tweets - @arnoldjon - and after, just c'mon back here.