M&A roundup in the UC space

Very timely topic here for this week's UCStrategies podcast. We had a great roundup session reviewing the recent M&A activity and what it means for the UC space. The big one was ALU/Genesys, but I was more at home talking about Avaya buying SBC vendor Sipera, along with Warwick Valley Telecom's pickup of Alteva. WVT's deal was a few months ago, but I wanted to cover it now as they just received an M&A deal of the year award for this acquisition, which I tweeted about the other day.

All told, the M&A landscape is a sign of the times, and to me, this means that UC is reaching a new level of maturity. That's a good thing, as vendors - and bankers - are starting to attach some valuations around companies that enable UC. Alteva didn't cost WVT very much, and sure buys them a lot of future-proofing against continued declines in their legacy business. This is a universal theme among CLECs, and I have no doubt that WVT's peers are out there looking for their Alteva as we speak.

Enough yammering - head over now to the UCS portal and give our podcast a listen - it's all good.