General Bandwidth, Perspective 2011

Remember these?

Just couldn't resist when I saw this walking about near Times Square yesterday. I think that sets the stage pretty well for why I'm here - GENBAND Perspective 2011. It's a short event, but a helpful gathering for industry analysts, financial analysts and the telecom media to get the latest on where this company is going.

Telecom is in flux, to put it mildly. Chaos, disruption, freefall may also come to mind for some. Just like nobody uses payphones anymore, tons of people are hanging up on their telcos altogether, having succumbed to the lure of cable TV bundles and of course mobile broadband. Walking around town here, it seems like everybody is talking on their phones all the time. It doesn't take much to figure out that conventional telecom is in big trouble, and GENBAND's mission is to help them transition to this new world before they lose their subscribers and go the way of the payphone.

I'll leave that with you to consider for now, and will have more to say as the sessions unfold here with GENBAND.