Social Media and Contact Centers - Getting Your Brand Back

This is a topic I've been keen to explore for a while, and the time has come. I've been writing an ongoing series about the impact of social media in the contact center space on the Exony site, and my latest focus is on steps companies can take to get control of their brand back.

Social media sure cuts both ways, and it's a mistake to think that once people - customers, ex-customers, prospects, competitors, grumpy people, yahoos, etc. - start using the tools to say whatever they want, that you hand over your brand to them. That's marketing suicide, and in my current post, I address the issues and explore some ways companies can use the same tools to offset all of this out-of-control activity. Everyone has an opinion on the Web - don't get me started on that one - but that doesn't make everyone right - and companies have a voice too.

Enough - you get the idea, and if this topic is keeping you up at night, please give my post a read, and hopefully you'll sleep better. Better yet, give me a call and I'll try to help you save the day for your company!