Skype's Take on the Changing Workplace

Some pretty interesting research that Skype has just released. They call this "The Living Workplace", and it explores how technology is changing how we work, how we view work, where we work, when we work, etc. No doubt, these things are all up for grabs, and research clearly shows how we're steadily moving away from telephony and email to the newer modes of IM, chat and of course, video. It's an exciting time if you're on the right side of the tech curve, but more challeging if you're not.

Most of the findings are pretty intuitive, and we're all living it, esp if you're from the Net generation. It's just nice to see it all pulled together and supported by substantive research. I'm not going to deconstruct and re-present other people's research here, so I'll just steer you to the source and you can draw your own conclusions. I've been doing market research for 25 years, so I certainly have my take on these things, but you won't see that here.

Anyhow, my main message is to draw kudos to Skype for undertaking this research. Sure, it plays well to their business model, but I'm sure you can see there's a much bigger story that all of us want to follow. To do that, exit stage left, and continue reading at Skype's Living Workplace website.