Backbone Magazine - 10 Years and Counting

From what I can tell, Backbone is Canada'a longest running magazine focused on technology, especially in terms of how we use in everyday life, both at work and home. Last night they hosted a 10th anniversary event here in downtown Toronto, and I was an invited guest. The event had a series of thought provoking presentations around cloud computing from the likes of author Jim Harris, Matt Stein of Primus, and two strong presenters from PWC - both about enterprise trends, as well as how they're deploying cloud-based productivity tools in their own practice.

For any publication to last 10 years these days, they must be doing something right. I'm occasionally cited in their articles, and follow it regularly, so I can tell you they provide a important voice for the Canadian tech landscape. My roots are in trade publishing, and I know how challenging this business is, especially in Canada where our small market makes it tough to achieve economies of scale for printing. So, hats off to Editor Peter Wolchak and his team for keeping print magazines alive, and filling an important need with consistently strong content.

Editor Peter Wolchak

Jim Harris

Matt Stein