New Forum to Follow - Exony and Hosted Contact Centers

I've been shifting my workload a bit lately - let's just say I'm right-sizing and aligning myself with some new opportunities. One of those is with Exony, an up and coming vendor in the hosted contact center area. They're U.K.-based, but have strong traction with an impresssive client base - not just over there, but over here in Canada and the U.S. as well.

We've recently launched an initiative where I'll be producing an ongoing series of research and thought leadership articles about this space. These articles will be featured on their website in a section called The Jon Arnold Blog. Perhaps that title could use a bit of work, but you get the idea! Anyhow, my first article - "Redefining the Contact Center in 2011 -What's Your Plan?" - is posted there now, and I'm about to get busy with the next one. I hope you follow along, and would love to hear your thoughts.