ADTRAN Connect Highlights - Day 2 Photos

Promised I'd post more photos, so here they are. Technically, the first few are from the first day - an evening tour offsite. Anyhow, never a dull moment, and as you'll see, we did a lot more than just sit through presentations.

Wednesday night was a tour and presentation from the Hudson Alpha Institute. This was all new to me - and probably all of us - but very impressive. Tons of leading edge biotech research happening here (funded in part by ADTRAN), and it's another example of how diverse the Huntsville economy is. Boy, did we learn a lot about genome research - very fascinating, with huge implications for IT. Their needs for computer power, bandwidth and storage are massive - way, way, way beyond what our kids are clamoring for to watch YouTube videos. :-)

These vertical beams really caught my eye. Very cool - and as we learned, they come from Alabama woodlands.

Very colorful lab coats!

Day 2 - Networking Management session

My favorite part of the event - the plant tour. While not as extensive as last year's, it was great, including some new things.

I understand how nobody wants to see data centers overheat, but is this really how they do it? :-)

Ahh - the fun stuff. This is the testing lab where they put products through extreme conditions to see how well they hold up. Here's a cold box where you can see how a cup of water behaves at 40 below (F or C - it's the same either way). Can you imagine the fun they must have on late shift during a long weekend? I'll bet they watch Mythbusters for inspiration!