Mitel's Freedom Updates - our take on UCStrategies

Mitel announced some pretty interesting things today, and the analysts got their briefings last week. There is some news here, as well as some new market positioning messaging, and it all falls under the name Freedom. The tag line for this new stake in the ground is "Flexibility + Simplicity = Freedom". Ok, sounds good to me - but it's also fairly similar to the mantra another player in the space is hanging its hat on.

Well, these are just words, and at the end of the day its all about execution and meeting customer expectations. Mitel is definitely on the right track here, and I'd say they've taken the virtualization path far enough for it to become a nice differentiator. Time will tell, but there's a good story here for sure.

Instead of rehashing my thoughts, I'll steer you to UCStrategies, where you'll get everybody's take, and not just mine. Now that the embargo has passed, Friday's podcast has now been posted, along with a full transcript. If you want to understand what Mitel is doing with Freedom and where this could take them, checking out the podcast will be time well spent.