Mitel's Don Smith Retires - Nice Profile on CTV

I've followed Mitel for some time, and am especially interested since they're Canadian. In fact, I would argue that they've taken Nortel's spot as our top telecom player. No doubt RIM is tops for Canadian tech companies, but in the telecom space, Mitel is our best known story. There are other companies I could drag into the conversation, but let's leave that aside for now.

The story here is about Don Smith's retirement as CEO, which was recently announced in close proximity to his receiving Ottawa's Executive of the Year award. That's a nice way to go out, and I wanted to share some coverage that ran Sunday night on CTV's Ottawa-based affiliate.

There are two pieces to steer you to, both running on Paul Brent's weekly feature, Tech Now.

First is a short profile article about Don that I'm sure has run across various CTV sites by now.

Second is a video segment from his Sunday show - October 31. Mitel is the lead story, and it runs just a few minutes. There's some great archival footage of Mitel, along with various interviews with Mitel executives.

Paul was nice enough to include me in both pieces, so I'm cited in the article, and provided some comments towards the end of the video segment. I'm not sure how long the video clip will run, so check it out now while it's still there!