Metaswitch Forum 2010 - Video Clips

Well, things sure get busy in a hurry coming back from a conference, especially with conferences coming up for me over the next three weeks. I finally got a chance to upload and prepare some video interviews from last week's Metaswitch Forum in Orlando. They take some time to post, as the segments are in HD, and I had to convert them to a lower resolution to show them here. Anyhow, here are six on-the-fly interviews - each is about 2 minutes long. I have other segments as well, but this will have to do for now - enjoy!

Cloud Telecomputers, Cheryln Chin - they're just coming out of stealth mode, and have a very nice touch screen "phone" - it's a pretty smart endpoint, and they have a nice twist on cloud services. They're also thinking ahead for mass adoption - the phone comes in two finishes - glossy for business and matte for consumers.

Doug Mohney, Fierce VoIP/HD Voice

Sigma Systems, Larry Polman

Ronald Gruia, Frost & Sullivan

Metaswitch, Carrier Systems Division - Dan Marcus - interesting discussion about how they build and support voice apps for their customers - and he's a pretty good songwriter too - my kind of guy!

Telax, Koray Parmaks - along with Ronald and Larry Polon, I'd say Canada was pretty well represented at the Forum!