Time Flies/Whassup?

It's been one of those weeks - summer doldrums, but also quite busy - too busy to blog. Don't know what it is, but ever since this Twitter thing started to take hold, blogging has dropped a step down in the pecking order. Twitter is great for getting the word out, but there's no content there - just headlines. That's why the blog is so important - this is where the content lives, and I basically just use Twitter to steer people to my posts or other items of interest.

I really don't have any news today, but we are going on a short family vacation, so there won't be any blogging the next few days for sure. Figured I'd better post something today just so you know I'm still here.

In short, here's what on my plate....

- just finishing up two white papers, both of which should be publicly available in the next week or so

- am about to start a new white paper for a company all of you know about, and that should be out there the next month or so

- am about to start co-publishing my insights/analysis/research with an analyst network most of you are familiar with - stay tuned

- I'm continuing to contribute to Focus.com, and am enjoying my role as an Adviser. I'll be featured on a couple of their upcoming virtual events, and you can read my latest Brief here.

- Am also still doing my bi-monthly Service Provider Views column on TMCnet, and a monthly contribution to the UCStrategies portal, so I'm not hard to find out there.

- on the smart grid front, our summit program is just about done - this really is a strong event, and the marketing/PR efforts are ramping up nicely now. If you haven't checked in on us lately, have a look. The Early Bird discount just expired, but there's lots of time still to make plans.

- our smart grid portal continues to zoom along. The content is as strong as ever, and we just passed the 2 million mark for monthly page views. Check it out - better yet, subscribe - it's free.