ShoreTel Champion Partners Conference - Day 1

This my first ShoreTel analyst event, and it's been great so far. Lots to talk about, and that will come in a follow on post. There's a really good story, and it's great to hear about it first hand. Not sure who is more upbeat around here - ShoreTel or their channel partners. I'd say it's about even, so the overall vibe is very positive - much unlike the weather here in San Diego! Oh - and a whole lot of orange - it's not hard to know who works for ShoreTel around here.

Anyhow, I just have time to share a few photos from yesterday to give you a quick feel for what we're experiencing.

Richard Laible - this guy is funny - nice choice for the MC. And, as you can see - for better or worse - he's a great stand-in for a lean Alfred Hitchcock. Good eeeev-ening, ladies and gentlemen. Have you got that theme song going through your head now? Dah dunh, dah dunh nuh, dah dunh, dah dunh.....

Outgoing CEO John Combs. He's done a great job, and we heard about what they're looking for in a successor.

Don Girskis leadng a session with one of their newer partners, Unified Technologies - great example of how partners are succeeding with ShoreTel

IBM Foundation demo

Analyst-only session, led by Bernard Gutnick, along with key ShoreTel execs