Cisco Cius - Another Look

Time sure flies when you're busy. Apologies - been so busy with project work, I just realized that I didn't post last week. Not sure if that's ever happened before.

As you may know, my industry analysis is being posted regularly in a few places these days, and most of it is a good proxy for what might have otherwise been written about here. Such are the economic realities of being an indie.

I'll resume that trend with my July contribution to the UC Strategies portal. This really is the go-to source for all things UC, and I'm glad to be associated with this group of industry experts. A few of them were with me at Cisco C-Scape at the end of June, and we all witnessed the surprise launch of Cius, Cisco's entry into the overheated tablet market.

I actually quite like the Cius, and while most of the buzz has long since passed, this was my time to post on the UCS portal. As usual, I'm weighing in with some thoughts that are more reflective than reactive, so there's nothing time sensitive here. However, I think I have a few ideas to add that I haven't seen yet, so if Cius is of interest, you may find this worth reading. Same goes for UC, since I'm trying to see where/how Cius fits into that conversation - which is why it's running on UC Strategies. It's posted there now, so give it a read when you can - thanks!