Electric Vehicle Summit - Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of IQPC's Consumer Electric Vehicle Adoption Summit in San Francisco. So far so good, and I posted a review of the highlights on the Smart Grid portal earlier. Am not going to rehash things here, so I'll steer you to my writeup for the narrative.

I'm just going to add to that here with a few photos from the sessions. Hope you enjoy this, and I'll have the Day 2 highlights in my next post.

Marc Tarpenning, Co-founder, Tesla Motors

John Bryan, Burt Fleet Services

Simon Saba, SABA Motors

Sven Thesen, Better Place

Policy and regs session

Sven gave us a chance to test drive this fully electric Rav 4, which I did. Very smooth and totally silent - takes some getting used to. Love the license plate!

Finally, just little bit of fun. Simon was nice enough to let me hop in - literally, since there are no doors - to his SABA which was conspicuously on display outside.