Shaw Communications - More Canadian Wireless Disruption

I've written about the Canadian wireless market a fair bit, and the plot continues to thicken. The latest twist comes from Shaw Communications, the major cable operator serving Western Canada.

They have held off - wisely, in my view - coming to market with a wireless offering, following their spectrum acquisition from last year's AWS auction. The move is on now, though, and it comes during an interesting time in that they just made a $2 billion deal to acquire CanWest, one of our largest broadcast networks. If this sounds like another dreamy convergence play, you might be right - but I don't think so.

Lots of great story lines here, and I'll be writing more extensively about it this week. Until then, though, you can get visual version of these events from a television interview I did this morning on BNN TV - Business Network News. You can view the clip here during the next few days. It only runs on their site a short while, and if you miss it, I'll have an archived version shortly.