M5's Turning 10

M5 Networks is a company I've followed for a long time, and their CEO, Dan Hoffman has been there since I started covering VoIP in 2001. They've been a pioneer in the SMB hosted VoIP space, and have been at the head of the pack ever since. M5 understands this space as well as anybody, and they've done a great job creating a locally-based model - New York City - and replicating coverage across the U.S., with well over 900 customers to date.

I'm writing about them because M5 is turning 10 now, and that's a pretty big number in our space. Most of the companies we think about as leaders today didn't exist back then, or were not that active in VoIP. Many, many others have come and gone, but M5 is going as strong as ever. I'll be attending their anniversary event on Thursday in NYC, and am really looking forward to sharing the experience and re-connecting with Dan. Photos and postings to come.