Launch Coming Next Week

There are many industry portals out there, some of which I've been supporting for a while. is one of these, and I've been working with them for a few months now. Their site has been in beta mode until recently, and the current iteration is pretty much market-ready.

I'm posting now to help get the word out that their public launch will be next week. Part of this includes a launch party, which I'd love to attend, but it's just not practical for me to go to San Francisco right now.

I've recently become a Focus Adviser, so I'm fairly active in contributing content as well as supporting their online community. The portal really is a bottomless pit of insight from very engaged people across the full spectrum. While there is the odd vendor pitch amidst the commentary, the caliber of content is very high, and you can come away learning something on just about any aspect of IT or communications. If you haven't visited the portal, you really should do so, and it's a very safe bet to say that once you do, you be back often.