Metaswitch Q2 Update

Today, Metaswitch had their Q2 update call, and I just wanted to share some highlights. Readers of my blog will know this is a company I've followed for a long time, and it's always good to see a continuing growth story.

Being private, Metaswitch is not obligated to conduct these quarterly calls, but when things are going well, why not? I've noted before that it's unusual for a private company to share performance metrics, and they certainly provide validation, both in current terms and to support recent upward trends.

That said, the call is conducted within a small circle, and I can't share those numbers here. Furthermore, there wasn't much hard news, so I don't really have much to say. However, I can tell you that the Q2 numbers are good - sales are up - both Q-to-Q and Y-over-Y - as are margins. They continue to acquire customers, and are doing so in a variety of ways. On the call they talked about both Tier 1 and below, as well as all types of operators - wireline, mobile and cable. Their footprint continues to expand regionally, and they cited recent wins in both the CALA and APAC markets.

An underlying theme was industry consolidation, with Genband's acquisition of Nortel cited as a recent example. The message here is that Metaswitch is a stable, strong and proven partner, and this is being proven out with their continued market success. I have no reason to doubt this trend will continue, and they mentioned that their upcoming Forum customer event will have record attendance. It really is a great showcase for their market traction, and I'm looking forward to experiencing it first-hand next month.