Spring News - I'm a Focus Expert

Technically, Spring is a week away, but I've been in renewal mode for a while now. We all evolve at different times and speeds, and this is the first of several posts I have coming about the new things I'm up to.

As the weather gets warmer and the Bruins and Celtics both lose relevance with each passing/passive defeat, things come into sharper focus. To finish the thought, my sports focus is now almost entirely on the Red Sox, who are having a good spring training, and a promising season ahead. Not only has Ortiz finally hit a HR, and Casey Kelly looks like the second coming of Roger Clemens, but RSN - Red Sox Nation - has quietly scored a coup that will be sweet payback for the Yankees luring Johnny Damon away. He may be on the Tigers now, but we have long memories, especially when things like this happen.

In case you missed it, renowned Irish tenor Ronan Tynon - who sings God Bless America at Yankee games - has been abruptly cut loose by NYY, and yup, he's singing for the Red Sox now. It's an incredible story, and comes just in time for St. Patrick's Day, and will make the season opener against the defending-WS-champion-but-aging Yankees extra special. Sure wish I could be there!

Now that I've completely switched gears, let's return to the main focus - Focus. I have been affiliated with Focus for some time, and we are now working more closely together. If you don't know them, Focus runs a family of widely-followed portals, a few of which fall into my everyday sphere.

As of today, I have been added to their roster of Focus Experts, and you'll be hearing from me regularly, particularly about VoIP, SMB communications and marketing strategies. Their portal is well worth exploring, and it's hard to visit and not find a topic you want to jump in on and add your thoughts. I hope to see you there soon, and if I can't answer your question, I'm sure someone there can.