I've Joined the Twitterati

As the Brits used to chide the Yanks about always showing up late for the war, I've taken a small, but social step into Twitterland. I have no desire to broadcast my day to day - or minute to minute - happenings, nor do I care to hear about anyone else's.

However... I do concede that a lot of interesting and timely information flows this way now, so it's pretty hard to ignore. It sure makes blogging seem painfully slow and tedious, but that's not going to sway me. I'm a writer at heart, and for anyone like me, this 140 character thing isn't very interesting. However, it's efficient, and a great way to get a quick scan about what's going on out there.

Even after just a few days using it, I can see how easily addictive tweeting can be, and how quickly it has changed people's behaviors. That's the scary part, but it also tells me that it serves a need, and the business models will soon follow. We just can't seem to get and stay connected fast enough, but am not really sure to what end. The more our lives and interactions become virtual, the easier it will be to forget there's a real world going on right in front of us. And if you're not ADD yet, a steady diet of this stuff will absolutely get you there.

Enough cave-man talk - back to work. And, yes, feel free to follow me now on Twitter. I don't have 10,000 followers yet, so it's relatively lonely, but am sure that will change in time - and chances are pretty good I'll want to follow you. See you there!