September Media Roundup

September was light for regular media coverage, as my focus was on the Smart Grid Summit at the beginning of the month. As such, most of my citings were grid-related, but I managed a few other items of note. The first two months of our portal have generated very strong traffic, and to support that trend, my media activities in that space will become more prominent.

First, my regular mix of media coverage:

Macleans Magazine - Google Voice: "Too Hot for iPhone"

InfoExecutive Magazine - Nortel: "Latest Nortel sale could give customers ‘the jitters’ if not handled right: analysts"

Service Provider Views column - Skype: "Why Skype Is Good News for Service Providers (Part 1)"

VON Expo Blog - "The Blogosphere Responds to the VON Expo "

UC Strategies podcast - "UC Experts Discuss Avaya's Acquisition of Nortel"

Now for the Smart Grid-related citings:

Smart Grid portal article - "Verizon: Bridging the Telco-Utility Divide"

Smarter Technology: "Smart Grids: The Battleground of Tomorrow's Internet"

Smart Grid portal article - "Reflections on the Smart Grid Summit"

Service Provider Views column: "What Service Providers Can Learn from Utilities"