Inc. Magazine Top 5000/Telecom Leaders

The September issue of Inc. Magazine has their annual Top 5000 listing of fastest growing small companies. That sure covers a lot of ground, and I'm just going to focus on the Telecommunications category here. They have lots of categories, and just be sure, I checked several others such as IT, Software, Computer Hardware, etc., and really didn't see any companies of note that fall under my radar.

Within telecom, however, there are a handful companies I follow that made the list, and here they are in rank order by percent growth rate: GenBand,, M5 Networks, VoIP Logic, Grandstream Networks, VoIP Supply, and Empirix.

You may well recognize other companies there, and here's the link for the full set of Top 5000 lists.

Many of these were repeats from last year's list, which I take to be a good thing. That means these companies are sustaining their healthy growth rates, and in this economy that's a pretty good sign of success.

So, kudos to these companies, and a hat tip to buddy Mostafa Razzak of JMR Worldwide, whose PR shop represents VoIP Logic, one of the above companies.