Smart Grid Venture Updates

All new ventures take up tons of time at the beginning, and our new venture is no exception. I posted the basic details about our venture - Intelligent Communications Partners - and ICP's venture with TMC for the Smart Grid Summit on Monday. Since then I have a few updates to pass along...

- the Smart Grid portal is starting to generate quite a bit of traffic, so we know it's getting noticed. Shidan and I will be driving regular content there very soon, and we posted a welcome message to the portal yesterday.

- we've been quite busy contacting prospective speakers for the panels for the Smart Grid Summit. Events usually have more lead time, but the opportunity to launch the conference is now, so we're running on pretty compressed schedule. We're planning to be far enough with the program to have the event website running by Friday, at which point people can register and read more about the program.

- we've had very encouraging feedback so far about the Summit, and believe we're on to something good here. To share the news, Rich Tehrani had a nice post about the event and our venture on his blog yesterday.

I'll keep posting updates here as they come, but as you can probably deduce, for those of you interested in Smart Grid, I'm hoping you'll migrate over to our portal and subscribe to the eNewsletter. Of course, I want you to keep following me here, but for specific Smart Grid content, the portal will be the place to be for everyday news and insights.

Finally, since I have you here, any suggestions for the Smart Grid Summit are welcome.