Connecting and Leveraging VoIP Islands - New Content on TechTarget

I've been a regular contributor to TechTarget's Ask The Expert series on their Unified Communications portal for some time. These are usually short responses to questions that require much greater explanation, but since it's basically free advice, that's what you get.

TechTarget recently approached me about doing a more in-depth analysis on a topic that's getting a lot if interest from their readers - VoIP islands. This term has been around for a while, and with the recent advent of SIP Trunking, it's become more topical. We did this in two pieces - a three-part written narrative and a companion podcast.

It's taken some time, but everything is finally published now and I have the green light to post. So, if you're interested in how VoIP islands and SIP Trunking are connected, I welcome you to read the eGuide and listen to the podcast. You may need to register with TechTarget first, but that just takes a moment. And if you have a chance, please let me know what you think.