Stardust Global Ventures Interviews/Thomas Howe

This post is what I'd call a twofer. If you remember buying vinyl LPs, you'll know what I mean - a twofer is double album, like Chicago I, Allman Bros. at the Fillmore, Exile on Main St, Layla. Gee, now you know some of my tastes in music - now THAT would make for a great blog - anyone want to join me?

Anyhow, I'm posting a twofer here - it's about what Sheryl Brueker and Ken Camp are tirelessly up to with their interviews, as well as an update on our good friend-turned CEO, Thomas Howe.

Sheryl and Ken have done a great job recently producing a series of podcasts with industry leaders - they call them Incidental Interviews. Reminds me of what Garrett Smith was doing a few months back with his interviews, or the podcasts I used to do a couple of years back. So, the first part of this twofer is to call attention to their series, and you can access all the podcasts on their site, Stardust Global Ventures.

The second part is a nice way to hear what Thomas Howe is up to in his new role as CEO of Jaduka. For this segment, Ken did the interviewing, and you can pick up the podcast on his post here from earlier this week. Their interviews run on the long side, so set aside the better part of a half hour if you want to take it all in. If you can't, the Reader's Digest version goes something like this - Thomas and Ken talk about the value of voice for improving business processes by being integrated with work-related applications. They touch on email and why it's still so important, as well as exploring the power of CEBP to make communications more personal, effective and easy to use. However you choose to take this in, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.