Springtime Sports - Other Things to Follow

It always takes a few days to catch up from being away, and I've been pretty heads-down trying to line up new business. I'm hardly alone, and it's tough out there, no matter who I talk to. Blogging has taken a bit of back seat as a result, but I'll get things going again once I've got the pipeline going. Sound familiar?

Aside from that, I'm wearing my sports hat a lot now, with my Bruins and Celtics starting the playoffs - Bruins tonight - and the Red Sox off to a very worrisome start. Putting food on the table is by far more important, but I need bandwidth for these things too, especially now. It's a golden age for Boston sports, and things haven't looked so promising since the mid-80's. Up til this morning, actually, it would not be unreasonable to think there could be 3 titles coming with these teams in 2009. If the Bruins stay consistent, they can go all the way. Same for the Celtics, but now that KG looks to be done for the season, it's looking much more like a Cavs/Lakers final. You never know, but if he's done, things would have to go amazingly well, which means getting lots of bench production and winning some big games on the road.

And then there are the Red Sox. They've only faced tough teams so far, and very little has gone right. It was great to see the Yankees get demolished today - esp against CC for their new stadium debut - but the Sox have their own problems to deal with. On paper, they should be WS material, but a lot of big questions are coming up only 9 games into the season. Hopefully Wakefield's strong start yesterday gives them a lift - plus some rest for the bullpen - and coming home to play a couple of weak teams should hopefully get them on track. So much more to talk about, and feel free to jump in. Just wanted to get those thoughts out there, and then back to business.