MetaSwitch Forum - Day 2

Today was a bit more hands-on for customers with several vendor-specific breakouts and the Expo showcase opening up. New Board member Kevin DeNuccio opened with a keynote outlining major trends impacting telecom. It set the stage for big picture issues that I know customers were talking about throughout the day. I'll be touching on some of these myself in tomorrow morning's panel on consumer VoIP. Am really looking forward to that.

Otherwise, the big story today was a couple of MetaSwitch announcements. First was a series of new features as part of their Version 7.0 release. Lots of Google-based widgets that give their CommPortal more of a Web 2.0 look and feel.

was the launch of the Innovators Community. I really like this one, and represents their formal entry into the third party apps space. Any vendor with an appreciable customer base and partner ecosystem needs to be doing this now, and along with the news, there's a dedicated website to support the community. You need to register first, but here's the link. Judging by the heavy traffic around the MetaSwitch demo setups today, interest was justifiably high.

Kevin DeNuccio's keynote

Polycom's VVX 1500 media phone

Expo showcase activity