VoIP-News Webinar Now Archived

The VoIP-News webinar I presented on the other day drew a lot of interest - a couple of hundred - and we certainly could have gone on beyond the hour we had.

If you missed it, or had to drop out early, the archive is now available - just follow the link here - and once you register there, you'll have access to the replay.

To give you a flavor of who we had on the call, here are the results of a poll question of the audience:

Are you planning to deploy a VoIP system in your organization?

Already have a VoIP system 35.8%
In process of implementing a VoIP solution 3.7%
Planning to implement VoIP 11.0%
Evaluating VoIP 23.9%
No plans to implement VoIP 25.7%

It's pretty much what I'd expect - some have VoIP, some have no plans, and some are looking into it. Overall, though, 3 out of 4 have VoIP on their radar, and that's the news that I'm looking to hear.