MyAlltop - Personal Websites Now Launched - I Got Mine

Am sure Guy Kawasaki will be familiar to many of you, and last year he launched an interesting blogging venture called Alltop. It's best described as a digital magazine rack, where you can quickly scan the latest post headlines from the top blogs on a particular topic.

Alltop covers a whole range of topics beyond tech. There are lots of lifestyle categories, and I find some of these just as interesting as the tech stuff. One of the tech categories is VoIP, and I'm glad to say that my blog is included there.

Yesterday, Alltop launched the next iteration of Alltop - MyAlltop. In the spirit of social networking and personal portals, each Alltop contributor can now have their own webpage where we round up our own personal favorite blogs from across the spectrum of blogs covered by Alltop. I've only explored a fraction of all the Alltop blogs, but I've listed my favorites, and you can see them on my personalized Alltop webpage. It's mostly VoIP and telecom, but I have some Red Sox and Judaica, and others will come over time. There's also a Facebook link, so if you're in my group of contacts, you'll be hearing about MyAlltop there.

So, if you want to know what I'm reading and following, MyAlltop is one way to stay connected.