eComm 2009 - First Thoughts

Well, we're 1 hour into eComm 2009, and so far, it's been as promised. Lee's bang-bang format is going to plan so far, and we've had 4 presentations already. This pace will continue all the way through the conference, so you'd better take notes - which I'm doing.

I'm not into Twitter, so you'll have to look elsewhere for the real-time thought-bytes coming from most of the people in attendance. The "official" eComm Twitter backchannel is an easy way to follow things blow by blow - which I know my son Max is doing back in Toronto.

At this point, I'm just going to share a few photos, and will add my thoughts later in the day.

Lee, looking pretty relaxed 30 seconds before showtime...

Not much of a day here, but it's way warmer than Toronto. I just can't get Harry Chapin's great song Taxi out of my mind - "it was raining hard in Frisco..."