SocComm is Tomorrow

Thought I'd put out a last call for SocComm, Jeff Pulver's social media event, taking place tomorrow in his native NYC. Since moving on from VON, Jeff has forged a new event, and if my travels were taking me to NYC tomorrow, I would attend in a heartbeat. I'm sure it will be interesting - everything with Jeff is always interesting - so I'll have to keep tabs online as best I can.

The best place to start, of course, is Jeff's blog, where this morning's post has the most current agenda. From there, you can also explore the SocComm website, and if you're one of Jeff's several thousand friends, you check out more on his Facebook page.

Good luck Jeff - am sure it will be a very social experience!

As a quick aside, I was actually hoping to see Jeff this week, as Toronto was on the tour list for his social media breakfasts. Unfortunately, as I went to register this morning for the Feb. 12 Toronto date, I see it's been cancelled. Ugh. Oh well - another time, Jeff...