Max is Back - My Son's Take on the $99 iPhone

Some of you know my oldest son, Max. He's 16, and is the real IT guy in our house. You may even have seen him speak at eComm last year - Lee was gracious enough to give him an impromptu spot. He doesn't blog often enough, but this just might be the start of something good.

He's been talking about the recent $99 iPhone offer, and has a pretty good take on what it means across the board. A few days ago, I said to him that instead of talking my ear off about it, he should write a post and share it with the world. So, he did it, and I think it's pretty good. If you want to see how this story looks to a 16 year old, give his post a read, and better yet, tell him what you think. He'd love to hear from you!