TMC's Blog Aid - blogging for a better good

In times of trouble, we often see some form of an "Aid" program pop up. Well, telecom is having its share of trouble, and I'm sure we all know people who have recently been put out of work. Nobody likes being in this position and if you've been there, then any and all forms of support are welcome.

TMC recently launched one such initiative, and I just came across it. They call it Blog Aid, and basically TMC is making its huge web reach available to out of work industry people. For those who are willing to blog, and showcase their expertise to the industry at large, TMCnet offers a pretty big stage to get their ideas across.

Sounds like a win-win to me. Telecom people looking for work have a place to be heard and perhaps network, and TMCnet gains some unique content to make their web presence that much more interesting. You can read more about it here on Rich Tehrani's blog.

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