Signs of Life - SightSpeed, iSkoot, Intelepeer, BCE

Busy, busy - no time for a thoughtful post, but a quick one will do. With so much bad news out there - and more coming no doubt - it's good to remember that good things are happening too.

I've got my hands full with work right now, but wanted to make sure you knew that it's not all gloom and doom. In no particular order, these should give you cause for hope. It's Remembrance Day/Veterans Day, after all, so a pause to appreciate the positives is not such a bad idea.

Intelepeer - today announced a raise of $18 million.

iSkoot - a few days back, they raised $19 million.

SightSpeed - long a favorite of mine - was acquired about 2 weeks ago by Logitech for $30 million.

BCE - up here in Canada, despite difficult capital markets, it looks like the financing needed for their privatization deal is falling into place.

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