Next Stop - Tekelec

Got a short trip this week, and one that I'm looking forward to. I've been invited to attend Tekelec's Industry Analyst Day at their offices in Morrisville, N.C. Aside from having followed Tekelec for many years, I've never been to Morrisville (near RTP), so it's a new travel destination for me.

Tekelec has a long history with SS7 and today have a strong focus on IMS and SIP-based solutions. Most of what they do isn't terribly sexy - routing, ENUM, signaling, messaging and traffic management - but it's core for any nextgen network. They have a lot going on with mobile messaging, and that's an area I'm particularly keen to learn more about.

Perhaps more importantly, this is a company that's doing quite well in a down market. Their stock price is off - no surprise there - but not nearly to the extent that most telecom vendors are seeing. They just had their Q3 results, which were quite strong, and the company is on track for $500 million in revenues next year. They're definitely doing a lot of things right, and that's reflected in a couple of recent news items. First, they were just named to the Forbes list of 200 Best Small Companies, and second, they were recently added to the Standard & Poors SmallCap 600 list.

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