Luca's New Blog - Bigger and Better - More Analyst 2.0

Back to work everybody! Lots to do, and I wanted to get a quick shout-out here for fellow blogger Luca Filigheddu. He's got a great blog that I've been following for a while, and I'm really looking forward to meeting him again at the IT Expo in two weeks.

My message here is to let you know that Luca announced his new and improved blog on Friday, and I haven't seen much buzz - so I'm doing my part to make sure you know about it.

Luca has taken a bold and ambitious approach here, with a very 2.0 style format. He's shifted focus from the serial approach to posting like most of us do. Now he's gone to more of a portal format that looks more like CNET, with posts categorized by topic, and the green color scheme looks a bit like TechCrunch. These are good sources of inspiration here, but the main thing is that Luca is taking a broader approach to blogging. There's a lot more content now, but being a one-man show, Luca can only cover so much ground.

He's producing more posts himself, but is also drawing from other sources to add more news-oriented content. So, it's a much richer experience, but man, I don't know how he's going to keep this going. This is not a GigaLuca type operation, and I have no idea if he's getting much in the way of paid sponsorship.

Recognizing this, he's open to guest postings, and I've already put my hand up to contribute. So, there's a call to action, folks. If you're a Luca fan and would like a Euro platform to share your wisdom, he's waiting to take your post.

Two parting comments...

1. Next time around, Luca, save big news items like a re-launch for a Monday. Friday is pretty tough for getting attention, esp going into Labor Day weekend. Of course it's hard to compete with mega stories like Google Chrome today, but you can't predict the news. Anyhow, I had to smile seeing Alec Saunders's post this morning about what happened when they decided to release new code last Friday - not fun!

2. On a brighter note, what Luca's doing here lines up nicely with the Analyst 2.0 idea that Andy Abramson addressed the other day, and I followed up on. Luca isn't an analyst per se, but his new approach to blogging very much personifies what the new generation of pundits is starting to look like.

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