BroadSoft's Mashup Contest - Thomas Howe Takes Top Spot

Call me a homer, but I think it's great news to hear that colleague Thomas Howe took top prize at BroadSoft's voice mashup contest. Readers of my blog will no doubt know Tom, and I've spent a fair bit of time with him this week at the IT Expo.

I actually had an advance copy of the press release on Wednesday, and Tom didn't know he had won until I told him later that night. Whoo hoo. The press release was released yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to post until now.

As the press release explains and as the name implies, Disaster Dispatcher is targeted at emergency workers. It integrates Twitter with the BroadWorks platform to centralize all the information needed to do their jobs more efficiently. The payoff is very nice, as Tom gets $5,000 cash, a trip to their Connections event next month, and an exhibitor showcase to profile his company at the event. I'll be attending Connections as well, and look forward to buying Tom a drink there.

I'm very happy for Tom, and want to congratulate him here, and share the news with anyone who hasn't heard. I also want to give kudos to BroadSoft, who have really embraced voice/web 2.0 and recognize the value of mashups for their customers, as well as the importance of nurturing an ecoystem of avid developers.

I should also mention that the second and third place prizes went to Project ARTCTIC and QuickSet. I'm not familiar with either, but that should change once I get out to Connections.

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