Service Provider Views - Savatar Q&A, Part 2

My Part 2 Q&A with John Macario of Savatar is running now on TMCnet. I was hoping to get this posted before going on vacation last week, but it wasn't published until after we'd gone away.

This article is for the bi-monthly column I'm writing for them - it's called Service Provider Views, and it covers the broad spectrum of topics that I find topical for this space.

The previous column was Part 1, where John and I talked about some of the bigger trends around the adoption of VoIP and IP communications and the challenges facing Tier 2/3 operators. Part 2 focuses more on the current findings of Savatar's research and how these operators are tackling the SMB market. John touches on some interesting nuances of this space and shared a few graphic highlights. We hope you like it.

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