Mobile VoIP - Update

Looks like I posted a touch too early on this topic yesterday.

Olga's Business Week article was posted right after midnight, and if I'd waited a bit longer I would have had all this in one post today.

Anyhow, she covers the ground nicely and talks about a new one I hadn't come across yet - Gorilla Mobile. My comments didn't make their way into the article, but most of what's there is familiar to what we talked about on Friday.

If you're interested in this topic, the BW article links to a post from yesterday by Dean Foust about making VoIP calls while flying. This is an important sub-story to the overall mobile VoIP theme and Dean cites Andy's post that I referenced yesterday. It's great to see Andy's stuff getting this kind of coverage, but I don't like seeing him simply being referred to as "a poster". Hopefully next time around Dean will have a better handle to use for Andy. :-)

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