Inc Magazine - Top 5000 List/VoIP Companies

Colleague Garrett Smith had a post on Monday that I just saw and wanted to echo in case you missed it.

He cited Inc Magazine's current list of fastest growing companies. It covers the top 5000 in the U.S., which is a huge list, and it's something Garrett has been following for a while. His post cites the rising stars in the VoIP space, and it's worth reading to see where they stand in the rankings.

Of the top 10 in his list, I really only know 2 reasonably well - his own company, VoIP Supply, and He also noted some familiar honorable mentions - M5, Grandstream and VoIP Logic.

I did an additional filter of my own, just on telecom companies, and have one more to add of note that has a strong VoIP focus - Genband.

I'm not familiar with many of the other companies here, so I could well be missing a few, but these are the ones that fall into my everyday purview. No doubt you'll find others of note if you care to wade through the lists.

Garrett has done most of the heavy lifting, though, and I trust his judgment enough to say this is a pretty good barometer of who's doing well in our space, at least in terms of what the mainstream business press is looking for.

If you want pick through the lists and shout out a few others we should know about, by all means, join the conversation.

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