Social Media Article in Unified Communications Connection News

I've been quite busy writing recently on a number of fronts, and this is one I think you'll enjoy - not just for my thoughts, but all the other good content that's there as well.

A couple of months back, I was approached to contribute to Tech Target's Ask the Expert series, and I've done a few of these for them. I'm actually doing a few more for them now, and will post about them in due course.

Since then, they've bumped me up a bit and have also asked me to contribute when I can to their In The Know columns. My first article focuses on social media and how enterprises should be looking at this phenomonon. It's a great topic, and I hope to revisit it in future columns.

Aside from my article, there's lots of other good content in their current UC Connections newsletter. You can peruse it all here as well as sign on for RSS feeds, which is a great way to stay on top of this topic. Tech Target covers many other IT and network-related topics on their portal, so you may want to explore things a bit further.

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